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The Torah Codes by Ezra BaranyThe Torah Codes (Book 1)

Award-winner of the Hollywood Book Festival, bestselling thriller The Torah Codes has been called a Jewish version of The Da Vinci Code.

"FIVE STARS - I wish I could put an additional star on the rating system for this book." - Roseanne Schmidt,, July 21, 2011

"FIVE STARS - Let me put this quite baldly: the question before us is not a fictional one. If The Torah Codes describes a real phenomenon, then we are talking about statistical evidence that the scriptures are indeed supernatural--that is to say, holy, inspired by a force with, at the very least, a god's-eye-view of history. Including, one might presume, future history." - Ien Nivens, Berkshire Fine Arts, May 23, 2011

A reclusive computer programmer, Nathan Yirmorshy, pounds out ones and zeros in the quiet of his home while his landlord secretly watches from behind a two-way mirror. When an intercepted note connects the landlord to a secret society, and a detective ends up dead, Nathan must abandon his home and everything familiar to him, open his heart to a tarot reader he has never met, and trust her with his life--just as the ancient scriptures have foretold.

An appendix of essays by rabbis, doctors, and physicists discuss the themes of the book, specifically, the Bible codes and the Shekinah, the female aspect of God.

Available in print and ebook.

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36 Righteous by Ezra Barany36 Righteous (Book 2)

What if you discovered your beloved was on a hit list?

In every generation, 36 righteous must live to prevent the Earth's complete destruction. When the list of 36 righteous is stolen and turned into a hit list, Nathan Yirmorshy must do all he can to stop the serial killer's onslaught. Especially since his girlfriend Sophia is on the list.

36 Righteous, A Serial Killer's Hit List is the sequel to Ezra Barany's award-winning bestselling thriller, The Torah Codes.

Included is an appendix of essays and interviews by rabbis and reverends who tackle the question, "Why do bad things happen to good people?"

Contributors are Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, Reverend Amber Belldene, Rabbi Daniel Kohn, Rabbi Maury Grebenau, Reverend Leslie Nipps, Rabbi Tsiporah Gabai, Rabbi Aron Moss, Reverend Amy Roden, and Josh Rosenau.

"At first I thought – Jewish thriller? Please! But I was pleasantly surprised. I can honestly say, for someone who doesn’t read this genre often, how involved I became in the story. I was swept along with the chills and action and didn’t even notice how quickly the story moved. The best part was the ending. I won’t give it away, but I thought Ezra wrapped it up well. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the thrill of the chase." -- Carol Malone, author

Available in e-book only. Print edition coming soon.

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Other Books by Ezra Barany

6 Short Stories of Suspense6 Short Stories of Suspense


Five of the best writers I ever had the pleasure of working with took my course, "Keys to Building Suspense in Any Genre."

Impressed by their work, and with their permission, I compiled their gripping suspense stories into one breathtaking book.

"Suspense in six different flavors--all keep you guessing until the twist at the end. For 0.99, a bargain. Can read the whole thing while commuting home. More, Ezra and friends!" -- Grumpy was here

Along with these great stories by Kelly Whitley, Christy McKee, Jody E. Lebel, Lila Rain Ekstrom, and Autmn Dove, I've included a short story of my own I hope will give you a good chill.-Ezra Barany, Author of the Award-Winning Bestselling Thriller "The Torah Codes"

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    I am reading'36'. There are 15 pages missing at location 1254-1269. Thought you'd like to know. If it gets fixed, hope my ebook will alter so I can read what is missing!


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