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For their help with The Torah Codes, A Heartfelt Thanks Goes to the Following People

Essay Contributors
Zvi Bellin
Rabbi Shefa Gold
Dr. Judith Plaskow
Jeffrey Satinover, MD
Tania Schweig
Doron Witztum

Book Funding Cheerleaders (in chronological order)
Abby Ovitsky
Ronald and Bella Barany
Ruth Wittman
June Safran
Stephanie Dangott
Troy Stengel
Evelyn Kahn
Jeanne Friedman
Nathaniel Bruce Boltron
Mike Ellard
Vin Jensen
Stephanie Ellman Getnick
David Barany
Saul Fenster
Kate Gong
Susan Swerdlow

Editors and Proofreaders
Beth Barany
Julie Morfee (NOT Julie Moorro)
Mary Newton a.k.a. Meredith Ironside
Allerton Steele a.k.a. William Brasse
Derri Pollack
Martin Reisberg
Bella and Ronald Barany

Software Provider
"CodeFinder" from Research Systems at

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